Development in School Contexts

Department of Psychology


Connecting Teacher Practices to Children's Emotional Competence
McCormick Center Leadership Connections Conference
Katherine Zinsser and Timothy W. Curby
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What do Kindergarteners Need?
Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education
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Motor, Social, and Cognitive Skills Among Pre-Kindergarten Children with Developmental Disabilities
Helyn Kim, Abby G. Carlson, Timothy W. Curby, and Adam Winsler
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Early childhood directors as socializers of emotional climate.
Katherine M. Zinsser, Susanne A. Denham, Timothy W. Curby, & Rachel Chazan-Cohen
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Preschool Teachers’ Emotional Consistency Works Through Their Relationships With Children To Affect Social Competence And Problem Behaviors
Laura L. Brock & Timothy W. Curby
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Teachers’ supports and children’s engagement: Testing for bidirectional associations
Timothy W. Curby, Jason T. Downer, & Leslie M. Booren

Fine motor skills and academic achievement
Timothy W. Curby & Abby G. Carlson


Do emotional support and classroom organization early in the year lead to higher quality instruction?
Timothy W. Curby, Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman, & Tashia Abry

Becoming a consistently emotionally supportive preschool teacher: Implications for center directors and teachers
Craig S. Bailey, Katherine M. Zinsser, Timothy W. Curby, Susanne A. Denham, & Hideko H. Bassett

Prioritizing interactions to support children’s academic achievement
Timothy W. Curby & Catharine Chavez