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Statistics Resources

Using Blimp Multiple Imputation Software.
In this short video, I give a brief tutorial on how to use this software.

How to make a MDMT file in HLM
with as few errors as possible. Using HLM software can be frustrating. Here I've written up some instructions.

How to do a cross-level interaction in HLM software. Here is a set of instructions on how to do so.

How to plot the interactions. I've adapted this helpful Excel file from Kevin Grimm at Arizona State that works every time. Make sure you use the correct tab, (two continuous variables, or one continuous variable and one dichotomous variable), copy over some values from your output, and it does the rest.

How to use ONYX.
Here are a couple videos I made on the use of Onyx Structural Equation Modeling software.

-Transactional Models in SEM using Onyx

-Multigroup Models in SEM using Onyx